CUBA 2015: The Artist —Eduardo Roca (Choco) Salazar


HAVANA, CUBA —One of Cuba’s foremost artists, Eduardo Roca (Choco) Salazar, gives a tour of his studio while discussing collagraphs, his printmaking technique where images are composed from a variety of textured materials, placed on a plate, then inked and pressed.

A graduate of the National School of Art, and the University of Havana Art School, Choco is a member of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), the Taller Experimental de Grafica in Havana (TEGH), and the International Association of Plastic Artists (AIAP). Choco is a nickname given due to Salazar’s resemblance to Kid Chocolate, the legendary Cuban boxer from the 1930s.

Synclaire Cruel reports from Roco’s home and studio in Old Havana.


Eduardo Roco Choco is an Afro-Cuban artist internationally known for his collographs. Collographs are made using a printmaking technique coined by Choco. The images are composed of a variety of textured materials placed on a plate that are then pressed together.

However, the most interesting feature of Choco’s work is that he uses recycled material.

Collography is a lot of texture and color. So the use of recycled material allows for further uses of items especially at a time during many shortages in Cuba. In terms of getting what you needed for the pieces. Because of the so-called embargo, the US. Blockade, so I find most of the material out in the street. And it keeps you alive as an artist.

Choco’s work is filled with contrasting colors and bold curvatures. The artist even captures the essence of Cuban life and Afro-Cuban religions.

We have a religious culture that you can see in almost any Cuban house. Behind the doors they have some Yoroba religious elements to chase away the bad spirits.


Choco also shared where his inspiration comes from,

I am inspired by political issues, social issues, what’s going on in the world. People will go out in the the street and talk to me.


Choco has a long list of accomplishments. His notable achievement was earning the title of Master of Collography. He is also the first Cuban invited to exhibit his work in the US since the revolution.

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