CUBA 2015: ELAM Student Experience


HAVANA, CUBA — Cuba sends the most doctors to other countries during emergency situations. According to the Cuban Health Ministry, Cuba has 50,000 doctors and nurses in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

In the United States, a student must assume a great deal of debt in order to become a doctor. At the International School of Medicine in Cuba, students can study for free and have a great deal of international influence. The Association of American Medical Colleges states that the average amount of debt is $180,000.

The Cuban government focuses on preventative medicine with an emphasis on compassion. Naa’irah Mahammad is a pre-medical student from Philadelphia and has had a positive experience thus far.

It was very shocking to me just being around people from over 50 different countries, and it actually is a very beautiful experience being able to network with students from all over the world; and just having students that speak so many different languages but we can communicate through one common language, which is Spanish.

—Naa’irah Mahammad

As relations between the US and Cuba strengthen, it is expected that more American students will go to Cuba to study medicine.


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Client : Emily Pelland
Date : 06/09/2015
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