CUBA 2015: Centro Memorial de MLK, Jr.



HAVANA, CUBA —Half a century after the March on Washington, people still face many of the same challenges, including neighboring Cuba.

In Havana, the Memorial Center for Martin Luther King, Jr. aims to overcome the social issues in the spirit of Martin Luther King, Jr., while acknowledging Cuba’s success despite the continuing embargo.

The center provides workshops to educate the community as well as a variety of resources, including health care and assistance to senior citizens.

Daisy Rojas Gomez is the director for the Project for Solidarity for the Center, which is in its 27th year.

—Daisy Rojas Gomez

Gomez is thrilled the relationship between the US and Cuba are improving, but she is concerned that normalization of diplomatic relations brings its own set of difficulties, particularly whether the Center has the capacity to handle an anticipated influx of American tourists.

—Daisy Rojas Gomez

For now, the embargo remains in place. which allows the Center some time to plan for a US-Cuba relationship in the spirit of MLK’s dream.

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Client : Emily Pelland
Date : 06/11/2015
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