Multimedia Journalism Dep.

Department of Multimedia Journalism

The Bachelor of Science degree in Multimedia Journalism is designed to ensure that students receive the education, skills and experiences needed to become successful journalists in the 21st Century.  This program requires that students learn to report, write, record and edit for traditional print and broadcast, as well as for digital, online operations, with a focus on the use of social media and other technologies. They will be able to produce across all the media platforms that professional journalists use on the job.

As important as classroom instruction is, students need practical, hands-on experiences in a real world setting. They will get that experience through an on-campus, faculty-supervised news bureau.  Students will develop or be assigned news stories, investigate those stories, write the stories and prepare multimedia packages.

Because the world is interconnected in ways never dreamed possible in earlier decades, the major in Multimedia Journalism also has an important global focus.  Students will learn how to report about what is happening in different parts of the world in ways that recognize international diversity. They also will discover how journalists in other nations view the United States and how it is portrayed in others’ reporting.

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